Refer a friend, score a discount

Help us spread the word about Banner Owl by referring a friend. We’ll send them a quick email with a coupon for 15% off their first order, and when they purchase from us, we’ll send you 15% off your next order, too. Win-win.


Refer a Friend

How our referral program works

Who can I refer?

Anyone! Your friends, co-workers, vendors, business associates, mailman, great Aunt Martha. . . you get the picture. Feel free to refer anyone you think will benefit from our products and services.

How do I refer them?

The easiest way is to just fill out the form above. Give us your name, your email address, your friend’s name, and your friend’s email address. From there, we’ll introduce ourselves and email them a coupon code for 15% off their first order with us.

When will I receive my 15% off coupon?

You’ll receive a new coupon code via email once they complete a purchase. They must be first time customers of Banner Owl in order for either party to receive the discount.

If I give you their email, are you going to spam them?

Nope. That’s not the way we work. We’ll send them one email with a coupon code as a way to introduce ourselves. If they would like to receive promotional emails from us, they’ll need to subscribe themselves. 

Can I tell them about Banner Owl myself and still receive the discount?

Sure thing. We love it when our customers tell others about our company, so if you mention Banner Owl to someone, make sure they tell us who referred them when they complete a purchase. If they mention your name, we’ll still send you a coupon for 15% off your next purchase. Thank you for helping us grow!