Preparing artwork for print

Before you place an order, follow these steps to ensure your artwork is print-ready. Need help preparing artwork? Contact us or chat now.

1. Set up your file

In your design software, create a file that is equal to the size of your printed piece. For example, if you are printing a 5′ x 3′ banner, you will need to create your file as 60″ wide by 36″ tall. Also, be sure your resolution is set to at least 100 PPI. This ensures your artwork will not be pixelated.

2. Set your bleed & margins

We require at least 1″ inch bleed for all of our products, so be sure to add this bleed when creating your file. Also, we recommend adding 1.25″ margins to ensure important elements are not too close to the edge.

3. Stay within the lines

Extend your artwork to the bleed line, but keep in mind it will be trimmed to the file size you set up (remember, that’s the same size as your printed piece). Keep all important elements (particularly text, portraits, and logos) within the safe area. We don’t want to put a grommet in anyone’s smile.

4. Save your file

Once your masterpiece is finished, save it. Make sure that your fonts are embedded. For the best results, we recommend saving your file as either a TIFF (preferred) or PDF.

If you need help saving your file or embedding your fonts, email us at

5. Upload your artwork

First, select your products then proceed to the artwork page. Attach your file(s), then breeze through checkout. Piece of cake.

Not ready to submit your artwork at checkout? Don’t sweat it. Simply checkout first and submit your files later. If you need help preparing artwork or creating a custom design, check out our design services.

As always, if you ever need any help at any step of the way, talk to us through our contact page or on our Live Chat (blue icon in the bottom righthand corner of your screen).