Retractable banners have many uses because they’re so eye-catching and can be placed just about anywhere. Our models are over six feet tall and are printed full color with any message or imagery you want. These banners are so popular because of how effective and versatile they are.

Here are five different ways you can use retractable banners in your store and beyond:

1. Seasonal Promotions

Retractable banners are perfect for seasonal promotions because they can easily be set up and taken down when the season begins and ends. These work so well that if you don’t currently have seasonal promotions you should come up with some, and let the banner do its thing to bring in more sales.

2. Trade Show Displays

You’ve probably noticed all of the retractable banners used at trade shows. They make a lot of sense because you can pack them up easily and take them to the next show, and they do a great job of conveying a lot of information without taking up a mammoth of floor space. Enhance your next trade show with a banner and see how many more people stop by.

3. Directional Signage

If you’ve noticed that people are having a tough time finding you, a retractable banner or two can be just the trick. You can include more than just an arrow on the sign, and the banner will be telling and selling at the same time. A cute phrase like “Turn right for a great deal” or “Turn left to start saving money” add value to an otherwise bland directional sign.

4. Lobby Displays

Customers are so used to seeing retractable banners in lobbies that they can’t help but look at one when they see it. Use this to your advantage and place one in your lobby. You can advertise a current promotion, answer some frequently asked questions, or just drive home your slogan. It’s basically a blank canvas you can use as you wish!

5. Now Open Signs

Letting potential customers know you’re open is one important step you don’t want to miss! A retractable banner can do that job, and then some. Tell them you’re open, and let them know of an opening sale or special you’ve got going on. Or include your mascot or other visual image to help reinforce your brand. It’s fun coming up with new ways to jazz up old standbys.

Making It All Work

As you can see, the different ways you can use retractable banners is only limited to your imagination. Try eye-catching imagery, bold and impactful fonts, and different placement to see how these changes can increase the effectiveness that leads to more revenue.

Use Banner Owl for your retractable banners and we’ll help you every step of the way for the most dynamic banners you’ve ever seen. Tell us a little about your business and what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll craft the perfect sign to give your store the extra pop it needs.